Types of Addiction Treatment Care Provied

(i) Outpatient Treatment Counseling

(ii) Holistic Rehabilitation





An outpatient treatment counselling is a kind of treatment service  that is used primarily to treat depression, self-harm and chemical dependency that does not rely on detoxification.

Our outpatient treatment counselling takes in to consideration group and individual services of 10–12 hours a week. This allows the individual to be able to participate in their daily affairs, such as work, and then participate in treatment either in the morning or in the evening (Morning or Evening Session is available). Our program encourages active participation in 12-step programs in the treatment process.

Our outpatient treatment counselling can also enable clients in recovery to continue their recovery therapies following successful detox, on a part-time yet we have an intensive schedule, designed to accommodate their work and family life.

People are encouraged to start rebuilding their personal life and mending at the same time their important family ties right away while in our program. With our outpatient treatment service, people can establish a foundation for long term recovery support in their local community right from the start of their treatment, instead of waiting to complete the treatment process. The opportunity is yours.



One of the many available options in our program is holistic treatment. Our facility offers recovery treatment that addresses the needs of a person's body, mind and spirit. The therapy paradigm is slanted heavily towards natural treatments and remedies rather than solely on pharmaceutical ones.  Our treatment program and facility are designed to give our clients the opportunity to re-connect with their natural surroundings and families.


CAIR combines traditional treatment along with other nature-based therapies. For example, our clients are required to participate in one-on-one counseling with a trained counsellor. They are also required to participate in group therapy counselling.


Treating the Mind

Our individual counseling treatment helps uncover what influences a person to seek out substances initially as well as show the person how they used those substances to cope with difficulty. During one-on-one time, a counselor can teach clients a new skill set for dealing with the very real problems in their life. Much of addiction recovery has to do with re-learning how to think about challenges in life.

Group counselling session is a place to practice newly acquired skills such as positive communication, active listening and problem-solving. Group therapy session can be difficult because groups are inherently diverse, but they provide the kind of hands-on experience that will cement new coping skills making recovery more permanent.


Treating the Spirit

Counseling is not all that goes into recovery. At CAIR, Clients use meditation or spiritual instruction to address the person’s need to slow down and be aware of what is happening both inside and around them as opposed to simply unconsciously reacting.


Treating the Body

Since a person is a body as well as a mind and spirit, our treatment program uses nutritional education, massage, exercise and a healthy diet to promote well-being. The body ravaged by drugs or alcohol is in need of recuperation and repair. And individual who feels healthy and strong is in a much better place to take control of his or her mental and behavioral health. Lastly, a strong body that gets regular exercise is a natural defense against depression and anxiety which so often accompany addiction.

A holistic approach to addiction recovery addresses all parts of the human persona because it is impossible to isolate one from the other. People are unitary beings. Choosing our facility that intentionally ministers to all parts can make a difference in your life.


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Outpatient Treatment Counseling

Holistic Rehabilitation